Work Experience

Software Developer

Yandex LLC / July 2012 - Present

Development and maintenance of an internal distributed continuous integration system. The list of responsibilities includes implementing new functionality, user interface constructing and bugs fixing.


  • Python 2.x
  • Windows, Linux and BSD-compatible operating systems

Tools & Technologies

  • MySQL and MongoDB
  • Tornado web framework
  • Jinja2 and Markdown template engines
  • SVN and Git version control systems
  • CMake, Make, MSBuild and Ninja build systems
  • Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

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Software Developer

Itransition / September 2010 - July 2012

Development of a software application framework that enables specialist migration consultants to quickly and securely migrate email and other related records from one environment to another – regardless of the chosen archive, messaging platform or storage medium.

The list of responsibilities covers the lifecycle of product customization from gathering the initial requirements to deploying the live system, including the following:

  • Implementing the requested functionality
  • Unit tests integrating
  • User interface constructing
  • Email archiving systems investigating
  • Support, issues investigating and defects fixing, discussing and proposing technical solutions with a customer


  • .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Tools & Technologies

  • C#, Managed C++
  • .NET Remoting
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • NUnit
  • Enterprise Architect
  • IBM Lotus Notes Client and Designer

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Personal Experience


Application for exporting chat and call history from Skype

Tools & Technologies

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • System.Data.SQLite
  • NUnit
  • NLog


Open WiFi

Open Wi-Fi networks map for Android

  • Makes the map of Wi-Fi networks as you walk around even if the application is minimized
  • Displays the coverage of each Wi-Fi network
  • The information is stored in a cloud – you will see networks that are found by other users
  • Automatically downloads updates when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Customizable map view: normal or hybrid
  • Customizable Wi-Fi search interval

Tools & Technologies

Client side:

  • Java
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Google Maps Android API v2
  • Google Analytics SDK for Android v2
  • Support Library
  • Guava
  • ACRA

Server side:

  • Ubuntu Server
  • Nginx
  • Python 3
  • Tornado
  • Pystache
  • MongoDB
  • Redis

Google Play
Source (Server Side)
Source (Client Side)


POP3 Client Library for .NET applications

Poppy is a free .NET library for interacting with POP3 mail servers. It is RFC 1939-compliant and supports SSL, APOP authentication and other optional POP3 commands.

Tools & Technologies

  • C#
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • NUnit
  • hMailServer


Skype Historian

Backup solution for Skype chats history

Allows saving Skype chat history into text files, or into CSV, XML and JSON formats (optionally, compressed into a single ZIP archive).

Tools & Technologies

  • C#, WPF
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Skype4COM API
  • Registration-free COM activation
  • Extended WPF Toolkit
  • NLog
  • Json.NET
  • SharpZipLib
  • InnoSetup


Custom Protocol Buffers implementation

The own flexible implementation of Protocol Buffers in Python. Compatible with Google's one and easily extensible.

Tools & Technologies

  • Python 2.7



Python primary skill

Experience Level: Advanced

3-year total experience in Python 2.x and 3.x. Tornado web framework, pymongo, py-redis, Jinja2 and Markdown template engines were used in several personal projects. Some experience in writing C extensions.

.NET Last used: 2014

Experience Level: Advanced

4-year total experience in C#, Managed C++, Windows Forms, WPF, .NET Remoting, WCF, .NET Reflection and localizing of .NET applications.

Java Last used: 2014

Experience Level: Intermediate

1-year personal and university experience in Java SE and Android.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript Last used: 2014

Experience Level: Beginner

Some personal experience in HTML & HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and CoffeeScript.

MongoDB Last used: 2014

Experience Level: Intermediate

1-year personal experience. Completed the «M101P MongoDB for Developers» Course at 10gen Education. Completed the «M102 MongoDB for DBAs» Course at MongoDB University.

Linux Last used: 2014

Experience Level: Intermediate

5-year total experience in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server. Primary developing platform.

C++ Last used: 2013

Experience Level: Intermediate

5-year personal and university experience in C and C++.

Microsoft SQL Server Last used: 2012

Experience Level: Intermediate

2-year experience in developing of an enterprise software application on Microsoft SQL Server platform.

PHP Last used: 2010

Experience Level: Intermediate

1-year personal experience in PHP 5.2.x and CodeIgniter web framework.


MongoDB University

M102: MongoDB for DBAs

Certificate of «M102: MongoDB for DBAs» Course Completion.

View PDF

10gen Education

M101P: MongoDB for Developers

Certificate of «M101P: MongoDB for Developers» Course Completion.

View PDF

Cisco Networking Academy

CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals

Certificate of «CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals» Course Completion.

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Belarussian State University

Mathematician - System Programmer / 2008 - 2013



Experience Level: Advanced written / Beginner spoken

2-year experience in reading and writing of Change Requests and Internal Structures and written communication with native English-speaking customers.


Experience Level: Native Speaker

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